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Sound Beaming


Auditory imaging for a variety of communications, musical, and AR/VR applications.

Sonic Arts has developed a flexible, patented technology employing optimized audio frequency beam forming for several use cases:

  • Direct sound in a highly intelligible manner where it is needed and effective
  • Limit sound where it is not wanted or where it may be disruptive
  • Provide non-headphone based, high definition, steerable audio imaging in which a stereo or binaural signal is directed to the ears of the listener to produce vivid virtual and 3D auditory images using binaural or more properly, trans-aural auditory imaging.

Sonic Arts binaural beam forming technology shapes audio into controllable beams of sound, directed to each listener’s ear. As a result, listeners can receive an individual 360° sound experience without the need for headphones. Imagine yourself watching TV with a group of people. Through a standard speaker set up, each person would hear the same audio, although those closest to the speakers would hear the audio louder than others. Sound beams are far more precise: they can be individually controlled and directed with pinpoint accuracy. These beams can be used to direct equalized audio to each person, or at a volume adjusted to each listener’s preference. Multiple beams could also be employed simultaneously, so that one listener hears a German audio track, the second hears a Spanish audio track, and the rest hear an English audio track. These audio tracks would all be heard with perfect clarity with negligible overlap. Comhear Inc. currently has acquired the commercial license to this technology, upon which it has been developing numerous products for consumer and professional audio markets.