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Innovative Solutions & Research

We've done a lot of cool stuff with some really interesting people.  From NASA to Disney, we've worked hand in hand with clients to  develop cutting edge audio technology solutions for sound, film, and video game applications.

Our mission is to bring high-impact solutions that can be deployed in the market, or in the field, within a short to medium timeframe. Our culture is a very important part of our success: we work with sponsors who share our passion for and strategic commitment to R&D, and who delight in the vicarious experience of our Sonic Arts team pushing the envelope.

Space 3D

A real-time ray tracing, environment-aware audio spatializer.

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An Interactive Musical Journey in VR.


Sound Beaming

Auditory imaging for a variety of communications, musical, and AR/VR applications.

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Living Audio

Immersion is everything.

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