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Timothy Gmeiner

Graduate Researcher

Timothy "Ill Poetic" Gmeiner is a multidisciplinary artist and music producer as well as the assistant director/producer at Sonic Arts, a research & development group housed within the audio spatialization lab at Qualcomm Institute. After receiving his BA from UCSD’s ICAM-Music program, Timothy is set to enter the university's PhD Computer Music program in Fall 2022 where he plans to continue explorations into composition, audio spatialization, interactivity and live performance through VR and other audiovisual mediums.

His prior work has garnered public acclaim from Portishead, Rolling Stone, and Pitchfork among other nationally recognized artists and publications. As a touring and recording artist, he has produced under or collaborated with such acts as King Britt, Steph Richards, Atmosphere, Slum Village and Blitz Bazawule. Through his company SoundRzn Design, he's provided audio and visual services for an array of artists, universities and companies including the San Diego Symphony, OWN, RJD2, San Diego City College and HBO.